Shipping Policy

Shipping Information:
Acceptance time :1-2 working days
Delivery time :3-7 working days
Transportation Area: Global
Shipping: Free shipping, 5-7 business days, orders over $50; Express, 3-5 business days, shipping $10.50; It's less than $50 and shipping costs $10.50.
Delivery method :DHL/Fedex/ARAMEX/USPS(select different express according to different countries)

Estimated cost:

To determine the estimated shipping cost of shipping any item to the desired address, you can select any item and the estimated shipping cost will be displayed in your shopping cart. Shipping charges will be displayed on your shopping cart page, and a map will show your location and the option to select different locations. If you do not choose to proceed with payment, you are under no obligation to make the purchase or provide a method of payment.

Actual freight
The actual shipping cost will be displayed at checkout once your actual destination address is inserted into the shipping page.

Warranty cost
Shipping Assurance provides quality assurance and safety for your valuables in international transportation. If your package is lost or your shoes are damaged, we will re-ship them immediately at no extra charge. This is optional, and if you don't need traffic insurance, you can cancel it.

Carrier by sea
By default,

processes online orders seven days a week, except holidays. We usually process and pack online orders before 5 p.m. The day the order was given. Online orders after 5pm London time will be processed on the following business day. Orders or custom orders with a large number of items may take an additional 2 days or more to process. Although we process orders 7 days a week, DHL picks up from our warehouse Monday through Saturday, except holidays.

After delivery of an order to DHL or any other carrier, the Company shall not be responsible for any delay in the shipment or method of delivery of the order.


1) The above delivery time refers to the working days required for expected delivery after the delivery of the order.

2) Working days excluding Saturdays/Sundays and any public holidays.

3) These estimates are based on normal conditions and do not guarantee delivery time.

4) The above modes of transport may change according to specific circumstances.

5) Express delivery does not apply to Po boxes and APO/FPO addresses.

6) Delivery time does not include 1-2 working days required to process the order from the date the order is issued.

We'll do our best to deliver your package as soon as possible. However, due to invalid addresses and customs clearance issues, additional time may be required.

8) Actual freight will show your actual destination address at checkout.

9) If there are any shipping issues with your package, you must contact customer support within 180 days of placing your order.

If your address is in a remote area and there is no DHL service, we will charge an additional $30 for shipping.

Friendly tips:
1. We are currently experiencing parcel delays due to increased volumes in countries and the continuing COVID-19 restrictions. These delays will mainly affect orders between hard-hit countries. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
2. Track your shipments
3. The target population is from a high-risk country (South Korea). Russia Iran...) We will not process your order. If you place the wrong order, please contact us for a refund.
Once your order has been processed, we will send you an email with the tracking number.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Note: Due to Covid-19, there will be some delays in delivery.